Our quiet corner of the world...The Studio

Our quiet corner of the world...The Studio

A & H Wills founders, Adrian and Helen have been involved in the world of textiles for over 20 years

 The couple met while both working in New York in the 1990's. and have been married for almost as long as they have been working in the industry. 

After raising a family and years of designing product for textile manufacturers and famous brands around the world, they decided it was time they put their design skills to work on a project of their own.

Setting up studio in a quiet corner of the world Christchurch, England, the couple have combined their passion and knowledge of all things textile to create a brand that offers timeless luxury.

Enlisting friends they have met along the way who share their passion for textiles has helped to ensure that the original pieces that they design are of the highest standards.

Their mission is a simple one; To use their knowledge and creative ability to produce beautiful timeless product.

They hope that their passion and skill shines through in their designs and that customers will get pleasure from their purchases for many years to come.

Using only the best materials they can find and enlisting a highly trusted small team to put their creations together, Adrian and Helen strive to provide their customers with high quality design by applying the science of traditional weaving methods and marrying this with modern styling to fit todays interiors. 

 Many of A & H Wills designs are made on traditional hand looms by artisans with generations of expertise. Due to this manufacturing processes the consumer is buying something unique to them. Subtle changes in the weave structures of the fabrics used, and the natural variations in many of the yarns, create an "imperfect" beauty that add to the allure of these exquisite pieces. These "traditional" fabrics are then often mixed with more modern methods of manufacturing which create a unique fusion of old and new.






The Founders

Adrian & Helen Wills