Nothing's ever new?

So we have all heard the saying "nothing's ever new". Well maybe that's true, but I like to think designers are constantly creating the new, it's just that sometimes we look to the past for inspiration. Our new cushion Amara is a perfect example of that. The design is created by stitching a continuous length of cord onto fabric. The technique is a type of embroidery. Due to its nature you have to keep the shapes fairly simple. We wanted to create a geometric pattern, but nothing too obvious. We have a rather large library of inspirational books, mainly textile related. Whilst browsing through these we found the perfect solution in African tribal textiles, which have a wonderful naivety about them. Traditionally they are very graphic designs but there is also something very organic about them, which we really love. For us it seemed like a really nice thing to translate in this technique. Cord also gives a naive look in its application so the two ideas seemed to gel together really well, to produce something that is We hope you think so too.



amara blog.jpg